Lack of Wifi = little blogging.

Hi there!

Sorry that I haven’t been blogging as much as I wish I was. But thanks to lack of wifi in the dorm & only being able to post on the iPad or iPhone, it’s been difficult. (I can’t tell you how many post I have typed, only to be deleted.) To have wifi I have go up the street to a local pub. Which honestly I don’t mind to much, because then I’m required to have a beer. 🙂

I love it here. The city is beautiful. I get around by walking and public transportation. There is just SO much to see! So far I have seen the Charles Bridge, John Lennon wall, and other little parts of the city. It’s different here because it’s all tourist. There are people from all over and everywhere!

Just finished my class and now we are getting ready to go out! No classes tomorrow. Time to celebrate the 4th of July while in Prague. Wish I could be in two places at once. I would love to also be at the Lake with my family, celebrating my grandma’s birthday.


Tomorrow (Friday) I will be going on a day trip that will last all day. We leave at 8am and return at 8pm. We will be heading to a Body and Mind Tour. We will be visiting the medieval town of Kutna Hora, walk through the town and visit St. Barbara Cathedral and World Unique Ossuary. It’s there that will various artifacts moulded out of human bones. In the afternoon we will head to Bohemian Paradise. We will hike the area of sandstone formations. I’m very excited.

I would also like to travel to Vienna, Austria this weekend. Hopefully those plans will work out.

I AM DESPERATE NEED OF FINDING A CAMERA CHARGER! 😦 I’ve been using my iphone, but so badly want to use my Canon. It’s just so difficult with the language barrier. I already had a difficult time at the grocery store, I can’t image a camera store. I get by with using my pointer finger, as much as possible.

(I’m currently using my roommates laptop. She was very nice to lend it to me since she has an ethernet connection. However, I am not able to post the pictures that I wish to. I do have one picture, below, that was saved in a draft.)

Love from Prague!


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Attempt #2: Oslo, Norway

Well it’s 2:30am here. I guess I’m experiencing what it’like to have a messed up sleep schedule from traveling. So why not post about Oslo. 

Landing here was different from Copeghagen. The airport here was BUSY and to add to that it was somewhat confusing. After figuring things out– we landed ourself on the right shuttle to the hotel. 

2 things that about Oslo:

1.) VERY EXPENSIVE (we paid 14 USD each for an eight minute shuttle ride to hotel)

2.) It stays light outside very late. I’m not even sure how late– we went to bed after 11pm & it was still light out. So crazy! 

One other thing! It was cold here. I stood out like a Sore thumb with my capris &’flip flops. 

For dinner I opted for the buffet. Hope you’re happy mom! I did that for two reasons. I couldn’t read the menu & my mom encouraged me before I left to try new foods…


Below are pictures of the hotel and also of my dinner plate. Thank God they had pickles!ImageImageImageImage




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Chicago to Denmark!

Day 1..

Let me start by saying, I fit right in with the people from Denmark. Who would have thought? Our first stopped landed us in Copenhagen, Denmark. Unfortunately, we did not have time to check out the city. We did however have two hours to check out the airport. I thought O’Hare Airport was packed with shops, well so is Copenhagen. Except, the big difference was that the shops in Copenhagen are actual shops– the airport had every store you’d find in a mall. Compared to O’Hare’s shops— restaurants and convenient shops. This leads me to my next point…

While on the plane ride from Chicago to Denmark, I sat next to an older Sweden man, actually I shouldn’t use the word ‘older’ because if I had to bet he was my dads age. (Sorry dad!) Anyways, he was the perfect person to sit next to. He was great to talk to in the beginning of the flight. Then when it came time for me to sleep, it just so happened that he was upgraded to first class. This was in my benefit also, because he was a bigger man, giving me more sleeping space. Then once we landed he returned back to his seat next me, resulting again in a great conversation.

Wow- once again, I’ve gotten carried away in rambling. Back to the main point I had. Morgan (man sitting next to man) was picking up his daughter from a study abroad program in the States. In conversation he told me that everything in the U.S. is large.; The food portions, the cars and the people! I then told him that I was well aware of that & explained my traveling day from hell yesterday, which the main cause being the plane was to heavy. Which wraps back around to O’Hare Airport… It’s large & full of food, compared to the large airport in Denmark, full of shoes & clothing.

I fit in with the people in the airport. At one point while walking around & checking out the over priced rain jackets, Ella mentioned that I really did resemble the majority of the people. It must have been true. On a handful of occasions, strangers approached me & began speaking a foreign language. “I speak English.”, I said while smiling politely & shaking my head. Oh, how I which I was fluent in every language.

I’m currently sitting on the plane while I write this post. I’m beyond tired & only have about an hour of flight to sleep!


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How fast time flies. Today is the day I leave for Europe.

As much as I’m dreading dealing with the airport tonight (yesterday I flew back from a week in Colorado Springs– travel day from hell!) I can’t wait to be overseas.

Due to my extremely delayed flight yesterday, I have a busy day today. Everything that I was planning on doing yesterday afternoon has now been pushed to today.

Let the packing commence!


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That feeling of being upset but not wanting to be. They say you have control over your mood. I beg to differ (especially tonight)… Much easier said than done. Think about it, well actually, if you’re in a good mood while reading this then you might not agree. But sometimes, when you are in a really bad mood, you have a hard time snapping out of it. Or at least that’s how it is for me. In that case there’s only one thing to do…stay away from everyone and…


hope tomorrow is a better day.


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Summer Luck

Yes, I know it’s been a long time since I have posted. But I have two reasons for this post; 1.) My dad told me a couple weeks ago that I need to start blogging again. 2.) I have somewhat more time to blog these days.

Anyways, as I sit here on  this beautiful summer evening I can’t help but smile when I think of how lucky I am. Whenever Spring semester rolls around I always find myself extremely stressed out when thinking, “What am I going to do this summer?” I laugh when I think about how stressed I was a few months ago. I should have known that somehow my summer has a record of always turning out to be the best.

This summer I made the decision not to stay in Kalamazoo but rather come home to save my money from babysitting. It just made sense. The number of families that I babysit for back home outweighs the three families in Kalamazoo. I have been on a mission to make as much money as possible. In just 20 days I will be in Prague, Czech Republic, taking a few classes and I CAN’T WAIT! 

Obviously that is on the very top of my summer list. I’m also so lucky that I will be extending my trip to travel around Europe!

Some other events that have made my summer even more wonderful.

A couple weeks ago, I was able to go the United Center to watch game 7 of the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings. Dad, Andrea, Nick and I were able to be at a great game with the Hawks finishing on top.




Next, I’ve been dying to see Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line in concert. But the lawn seat tickets are selling for $120… and with saving for Europe I wasn’t going to be able to pull that off. Well, with my summer luck, I’ll be seeing the concert next Saturday…for free! Becca, Jessie and I were able to get tickets for free! Told you I had some great summer luck!

Almost forgot to mention–  I will be going back to Colorado Springs in 11 days. This is some serious luck. The family that I nanny for asked me to join them on their trip. The dates of the vacation are June 20th to the 27th. I leave the 28th for Europe! I’m lucky enough to be able to go with them.

Now maybe with the way my summer is going… the Blackhawks will win the Stanley Cup!

Stay tuned for more blogs. I will try my very best to post more often!


Can’t forget a picture of my sweet puppy! Nala girl after a visit to the dog park…


I’m very blessed with the good life.



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My new room :)

This weekend my roommates both left town so I kept myself busy by putting my room together (finally!) I am very proud of myself.. I built two shelves AND I also hung shelves on the wall. That was a big pain.. but I did it. Thank God for the iphone. I swear they have every app you need. I was in need of a level and sure enough I was able to download a free  level app!

Nala is very attached to me & follows me around especially when I am busy doing something she seems to always have to be right there to supervise.

I was in my bathroom getting organized & she came in to find herself a spot next to my feet!

Nala helping…

(I haven’t put pictures in my frames yet.)

Always in the middle of everything!


Built that little shelf for my desk

It’s a little crammed but my room isn’t that big so it’s the best I could do!


She’s just the cutest!



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