A life lesson with detailed pictures…

You know that old saying, “mom’s know best.” If your anything like me, a know it all- eye rolling-twently-year-old, then you are just the person that needs to be reading this blog today.

Today is Thursday and on Tuesday morning I woke up with a rash that was all along my hair line. It was a bumpy and itchy rash that was very annoying. I had not done anything different… same shampoo & soap and same detergent. I didn’t eat anything new that I could think of. As the day continued the rash continued to spread further down my neck and on my ears. I called and called my mom at work complaining. She then diagnosed me with “scarlet fever” over the phone without even seeing me in person yet! That was absurd to me, how could she say without even seeing me! That’s when I rolled my eyes and told her she was crazy. I had been taking my temperature all day and never once did I have a fever.. so how could I possibly have “scarlet fever?!”

I loaded up on Benadryl all day and the itching never stopped. Wednesday morning when I woke up and it was evident that the rash was continuing to spread. I instantly thought to myself, “I’ve got my sister’s graduation on Sunday (planning to wear a dress to it) and a vacation in 3 weeks! This needs to go away RIGHT now.” That’s when I knew I had to go the doctor.

My dad took my to the old hospital which now has an immediate care clinic. The doctor came in and wanted me to take a strep throat test. After ten minutes, the doctor returned with the results. Positive. He diagnosed me with….. yes… scarlet fever… yes the same thing that my mom (that same mom that I rolled my eyes at) diagnosed me with through the phone. I’ve been prescribed to penicillin  and I’ve been crossing my fingers that this nasty-ugly-hideous rash goes away ASAP.

Enjoy the pictures…



I’m still not exactly sure how my test results were positive  because my throat feels great and I still don’t have a fever…

I guess there’s somethings in life we’ll never understand and that’s when we have to accept the fact that just sometimes our moms & doctors know best.

So, the life lesson of today: Think twice before rolling your eyes at your mother.


About average college girl with big dreams

Hi everyone reading my blog! My name is Lauren and this is my first blog ever. Lately, I've been reading lots of different blogs.. and it wasn't until today during my English class that I started my own blog as a requirement! :) I am excited and hopefully I stay committed to updating it. I am a young college student...experiencing the life. I try my best to do well in school, starting to workout daily and eat healthy well maintaining my social life! ;) I get a long with reading inspirational quotes and stories. Have fun & enjoy my blog!
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