Hello! It’s technically 2am on Friday.. but I have yet to fall asleep! I am just two classes away from the weekend  and I could not be more excited. The reason why I am up right now is because of the Blackhawks game! What an intense game… full of fights!

SIDE NOTE: my dream is to marry an NHL player.

(back to reality)

I had a pretty good day. I had an interview today for a nanny position for once the school year starts up in the fall. I will be nannying two little adorable boys! The little one was just born on March 16th! (He was such a tiny peanut!)

Once I got home I decided to take advantage of the some-what beautiful day we had. I went for a run outside. I used a new app on my phone that was beyond cool. Every time I reached a mile, it would stop my music and alert me of my mile and my time.

After that, I went next door to my neighbors. I live next to six  boys and since all my roommates  have been gone… I decided to go and hangout with the boys next door so that I wasn’t sitting at home alone all day/night. We watched a movie (of course I can’t think of the name of it now!) but don’t worry because it wasn’t that great of a movie anyways. Then we all went outside and played some catch. After playing catch, we went back in and watched a really cool show called “Tanked” it was my first time watching it– definitely will be watching it again!

… Once it got late… I HAD to leave because I HAD to shower because I HAD to watch the hockey game! At this point, it wasn’t until 10pm that the game was on and I was exhausted and tired. I forced myself to stay awake and watch the whole game and of course the game HAD to go into over-time!!! Staying awake was not worth the final score.. 😦

If you are still here reading this then I am impressed. I do realize that I just rambled on and on about my day. Hey, it makes up for not blogging in awhile! 😉




About average college girl with big dreams

Hi everyone reading my blog! My name is Lauren and this is my first blog ever. Lately, I've been reading lots of different blogs.. and it wasn't until today during my English class that I started my own blog as a requirement! :) I am excited and hopefully I stay committed to updating it. I am a young college student...experiencing the life. I try my best to do well in school, starting to workout daily and eat healthy well maintaining my social life! ;) I get a long with reading inspirational quotes and stories. Have fun & enjoy my blog!
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