February First…FINALLY!

Is it just me or does it seem like January was really starting to drag on?

I know, I know, technically if you are reading this it’s actually Thursday, February 2nd-due to the fact that I am writing this so late at you won’t be reading it till tomorrow. But lets be honest…I haven’t been the best blogger lately. So in hopes of being a better one I am going to try and stay motivated with this fun February picture challenge.



So here we go!

my night stand


Yes, this has been my view for the past few days and boy does it sucks. I was talking to my roommate earlier  & I actually said that I would rather be up and on the 8:30am bus every morning then sleeping in and being sick all day! Seriously, ME wishing to be awake instead of sleeping??!! Sounds absurd. We never realize how fortunate we are until something changes.

Monday morning I woke up with a sore throat.  Since Monday is one of my busiest days I continued on. The ENTIRE day I was freezing cold and did not understand what everyone was talking about in regards to the “beautiful weather” that we were having. As the day continued on I continued to feel more sick.

I came home and had an exceptionally high fever. I went straight to bed and woke up Tuesday feeling worse. I took my temperature again and it still wasn’t breaking.

Tuesday afternoon I bundled myself up with my winter paraphernalia; long winter coat, scarf, gloves etc. and headed over to the health center. Walking through campus I most likely looked like a nut job. Everyone was wearing light sweatshirts & I even spotted some shorts! Not me— waaaayy to cold!!

The doctor then examined me & informed that I have strep throat. No surprise there. I could have told you that on Monday.

Good news, I am finally starting to feel better. My fever is finally gone and I now have more energy. Just waiting for my throat to feel better.



About average college girl with big dreams

Hi everyone reading my blog! My name is Lauren and this is my first blog ever. Lately, I've been reading lots of different blogs.. and it wasn't until today during my English class that I started my own blog as a requirement! :) I am excited and hopefully I stay committed to updating it. I am a young college student...experiencing the life. I try my best to do well in school, starting to workout daily and eat healthy well maintaining my social life! ;) I get a long with reading inspirational quotes and stories. Have fun & enjoy my blog!
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One Response to February First…FINALLY!

  1. papajack says:

    glad your feeling better.

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