Such thing as too many intentions?

Every night I have the same routine. Wash face. Moisturize face. Floss. Brush teeth. Mouth Wash. Turn fan on. Turn on nightstand lamp. And then I pray and read my bible. For my birthday I received a very thoughtful gift from a sweet lady, Marie. The gift is a handheld wooden cross. It fits perfectly in my hands when I pray. When I start my prayers I like to think of special intentions…but it always seems that I could go on forever with my intentions. I’ve always been like that & I always wonder if other people are like that. It’s like a domino effect. I mention one person & then it causes me to think of another and another and another. Before I know it I’ve mentioned everyone and their brother! I try to make my prayer time more personal but then I feel guilty if I leave someone out of my intentions…

Bible & cross

Comfort Cross

Thank God it’s Thursday! My weekend is here! I am going to try a body pump class later today. I’m excited but also nervous! I’ve heard many things about the class. I’ll let you guys know how I’m feelin’ tomorrow! Even later tonight my friends are forcing me to go to a haunted house! It’s suppose to be the 3rd scariest one in Michigan… If anyone really knows me, well they know that  I am the BIGGEST SCAREDY CAT known to mankind. Everything freaks me out & scares me! I am pretty sure that they are so persistent that I go for their own entertainment. They’ve been warned that haunted houses are not my cup of tea. Last two times I’ve been to one it did not workout. The one house we never made it into..the line was scary enough for me! In the other house, I had to be escorted through by the manager with a flashlight 😉 and that is not a lie. Remind me again why I’ll be paying $15 to scare the crap out of myself tonight?  Oh, Happy Halloween!


About average college girl with big dreams

Hi everyone reading my blog! My name is Lauren and this is my first blog ever. Lately, I've been reading lots of different blogs.. and it wasn't until today during my English class that I started my own blog as a requirement! :) I am excited and hopefully I stay committed to updating it. I am a young college student...experiencing the life. I try my best to do well in school, starting to workout daily and eat healthy well maintaining my social life! ;) I get a long with reading inspirational quotes and stories. Have fun & enjoy my blog!
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One Response to Such thing as too many intentions?

  1. Marie says:

    Dear Lauren.
    I went through a haunted forest last Friday and screamed the whole way through I was so scared but had so much fun, we went with about 10 people together and the guys were really scarring us girls! So i think you should go and have fun you know its not real….Love Marie

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