That feeling you get after pulling at your floss to rip off your morning string and only being able to rip off a piece that is two inches long. I did it, I finally finished that roll of dental floss! They say it’s the little things, but to me this is a big thing. Five yards off dental floss gone used.. What a way to start my morning.

It wouldn’t be like me if I didn’t make a comment about coming back to my old blog. It’s been a long time, a long time that has been busy with other priorities that leave my brain fried when it comes to blogging. Summer 2 has started, in terms off my schedule changing because of my class and work schedule. My plate is full for the next seven weeks, very full. It’s full of things that I don’t care for… Spanish, Math, Marketing, Accounting, HPHE and it’s full of a few things that I don’t mind… Internship, cold calling for an insurance office, and babysitting. Last week I finished two of my summer classes. What a feeling that was, I would put it right up there with finishing a roll of dental floss, an accomplishment.

I’ve got a good feeling about today. A list of things to accomplish awaits me, what are you doing today?

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It has been awhile…

Well, it has been awhile since my last posting.. but I blame that on my busy schedule. Blogging is not the first thing that I think of doing when I find time to sit down & relax. However, I have collected many hours of sleep in my “sleep-piggy bank”, over the past few days. I woke up Sunday morning not feeling great, which as the day continued it only got worse. Monday morning was hell. The seasonal flu found me. Took the day off on Monday, so glad that I did. Woke up Tuesday feeling 100x better than the day before. 

So here I sit, wide-awake, at 12:30am on Tuesday night. And yes, I have an 8:30am work appointment that I have to be at tomorrow morning. Whoever said,”there is no such thing as too much sleep”, because they are wrong. 

Well, it’s time to count sheep… Ciao! 

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Hobby turned into a job!

Who would have thought that something that started as a class assignment, turned into a hobby, has now turned into a job!

Enjoying my summer while falling madly in love with this world reality then smacked me in the face at the start of this new school year. I know and you know that when I travel, I want to do it all; taste it all, try it all, see it all…I want to experience it all.   I saved all summer for my European adventures, my bank account was just as ready as I was. I did almost everything on my list, not knowing when I might return. I didn’t worry about money. I spent every penny  and figured I’d worry about money when I returned to the States. Well, that’s exactly when reality smacked me in the face. In the past years I worked all summer and that was the money that I used for the school year.  Things were much different at the start of this school year. My bank account wouldn’t even allow for me to live off Ramon noodles and PB&J sandwiches.

Job searching. Instead of trying to find a nanny job of some sort or a sales associate job, I decided that now is the time to start directing my work towards a future career. I have mastered the art of being a babysitter and of being a sales associate. After a week of searching online, I found the perfect internship that I wanted  needed. I sent an email, heard back, sent my resume, and then was asked to send my blog link. A few days after sending my own blog link I received a call to come in for an interview.

A week later my phone rang and the man on the other end was offering me the internship position! I couldn’t believe it. I accepted and I am now a new intern at DKI (Downtown Kalamazoo Incorporated.) DKI is a non-profit that coordinates the planning, the development and marketing the image of downtown Kalamazoo.

As an intern I will be writing for the DKI newsletter and writing their blog. An addition I will be working on their “Look Inside” segment. That will allow for me to travel to local businesses in downtown Kalamazoo to meet with the owner, interview, take pictures and then write a piece on that. I am beyond excited for this awesome opportunity.

Two years ago when I started this little blog, I never would have thought it would land me an internship position.

Cheers to happy times!

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Traveling Bug

I’ve got the traveling bug. It hasn’t been a week since I’ve been home and I’m ready to leave. I want to pack up my important things (including my dog) and jump on a plane to head back to Europe. If only my money tree continued to grow while I was out of town… 

THE REALITY… classes start on September 3rd. I need to make as much money as I can before than. I need to start setting goals for this school year. I need to make plans. Today I have the day off from babysitting. I have my yellow legal pad out and the list making has begun. 


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Stockholm Airport

The airport in Rome has not been one of my favorite airports. I like to think of myself as a somewhat well-traveled twenty-one year old. Therefore, I’ve seen a handful of airports and train stations. Roma definitely did not make it on the list of my favorite airports.

It seemed very dirty, crowded, and unorganized. A delayed flight only to be wedged in the middle of a massive man (whom had no common curiosity, or sense of personal space) and crying babies. Oh, I almost forgot the cherry on top of my flight from hell. Just when I fell into a deep sleep with my head resting on the tray table, the woman in front of me had to forcefully whip her chair to decline backwards. Nothing like waking up from being hit in the head.

Three and half hours later… I landed in Stockholm.

What a different change. It was 10pm and there wasn’t a soul around. It could have been out of a movie. Two college girls walking around cluelessly in a foreign airport. Storming outside. We had the intentions of going to check out the city, but we failed at finding a person working at an information desk.

We finally found a part of the airport with some life. That’s about the same time we realized we’d be having an uncomfortable sleepover at the Stockholm airport. Our flight was not until 10:20 the following morning. 12 hours in the airport… Thank the good Lord that Stockholm’s airport found itself on the number one spot for my favorite airports. (Polar opposite of Roma.)

A couple hours of uncomfortable sleep and I was set.

Here I sit with my empty cappuccino cup, waiting to board my flight back to the States. If there’s one thing that traveling has done for me, it has built my patience level. I have lots of patience… There’s no rush.

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It literally seems like yesterday that I was getting excited and nervous to be leaving for 6 weeks in Europe. How fast those six weeks have flown by. As I mentioned in my previous blog post this has been the best thing that I have ever done in my entire 21 years. From the friendships that I’ve made, the life lessons that I’ve learned and the places that I’ve seen, I could not ask for anything different.

They say that your twenties are your defining decade. I’m confident that with this experience, I’m heading down the right path– the one that I want to be on. Spending four weeks in Prague with a group of strangers, has confirmed that people come and go in our lives for certain purposes. I know that out of the 40 or so people in the program, I will probably never see most of them again. However, each person has taught me something in one way or another. It is them that motivates me to switch a few things around in my own personal life.

I’m bittersweet about leaving tomorrow evening. I’ve enjoyed almost every second here and I don’t want it to come to an end. But, as we all know, things come to an end for a new beginning to start.

I can’t say thank you enough to everyone from back home that has made this trip happen. If it weren’t for all of you… I truly wouldn’t have been able to do this.

A BIG THANK YOU to my Aunt Janis and Uncle Bill, Dad & Mom, and my sister, Amanda, for taking full responsibility of my sweet Nala girl. Also a big thank you to all of the families that loaded me up with babysitting jobs leading up to my departure. It’s because of you all, I am one extremely happy girl.

Now, let the packing commence! It’s strange how I lost some things along my traveling (my absolute favorite pair of jeans, my favorite swim suit, the new beach towel that I bought before I left, and a top…) YET, I still can’t close my suitcase!

Ciao! Xoxo

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Living abroad

Well… I’m very disappointed in myself. I just now discovered that the blog site I use has an app! Had I known this, I would have been able to blog throughout my whole trip!! Good news is I will be doing some “post-trip” blog post that will include everything from my trip. Well, almost everything. I have been keeping a hand written journal so it shouldn’t be too hard to recall my amazing time.

Before coming to Europe, I always heard how “life changing being abroad is.” I really never understood how it could be that amazing. Well, I figured it out. It’s definitely one of those “you have to do it to fully understand” type of deals. Because there is no way to put into words what it’s like. Yes, I know, I’m not even home yet & I’ve crossed the line. I am now one of those people to say, “it’s life changing.” But seriously it is.

I’ve learned a lot about myself that I would not have learned had I spent my summer doing my same old routine of babysitting 24/7. The change of culture and lifestyle has given me a new look on life.

When I landed in the Czech Republic weeks ago, I was completely clueless of what an experience I was about to embrace on. I had the most amazing time. It was there that I realized things about myself that I never knew before. Living with a group of random people from all over the place for four weeks can really do that to you. The group of people that I journeyed through Prague with were all beautiful, each in their own way. It was crazy how we were all so so different, but got along perfectly. They were all people that I probably would have never met in my life and heard their stories, had we not been placed in this program together. I’ve been so inspired and motivated by the people, the culture, and the over all experience of living abroad. I truly hope this stays with me.


So stay tuned over the next few weeks when I post about Europe!

Ciao! Ciao!

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